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as my kids are getting older and we are being torn in so many directions with activiites and holiday parties i wanted a way to keep FAMLY as an important part of this Christmas season.

we have several countdowns in the house, but i wanted one that helped us spend time together each day. i had a few requirements for my new countdown. i wanted it to be a decoration that could be left up the whole season. so something that was torn or cut down wouldn’t do. i wanted something that could be used again next year, so it needed to have the ability to be changed.
i decided on a banner, with each activity attached to the flags. then i created a hinge that would allow for the attachment of numbers 1-25 on top of the activity. i gathered my supplies:
5-6 different pattern papers
scallop circle punch
circle punch
paper trimmer
cardstock – i used three colors (black for scallop punch, red for die cut numbers, and white for punched circles and hinges)
Tombow Adhesives – MONO Glue Pen, MONO Adhesive Permanent runner, MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, Fastener Tabs
after cutting the flags from pattern paper, decorate each one using paper or embellishments. i used Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent runner to attach a strip of paper to the top of each.
the numbers were created by layering a punched scalloped circle and a punched circle, again using Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent runner. the numbers were cut with an electronic die cut machine and then glued to the top circle with Tombow MONO Glue Pen. I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again….my  favorite thing about the Glue Pen is that the adhesive formula does not adhere to your skin! when working with small items you don’t have to worry about your hands getting sticky and making marks on your project.
the activities were all written on more punched circles. hinges were created by cutting small strips of cardstock, approx 1″ x 2″. fold the strips in half and glue one half to the back of the punched circles with the activities. i used Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue.
next i took a sheet of Tombow Fastener Tabs and cut them in half while still on the sheet. then i attached a Fastener Tab on the other half of the hinge. keeping the punched circle with hinge face up pull off the backing from the Fastener Tab then center the scalloped number over the hinge and the punched circle.
once the two-piece hinge is complete apply Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent to the back of the punched circle with the activity written on it and adhere one to each flag.
tie the flags together with ribbon. i chose to punch holes on both corners of the flag, then cut short lengths of ribbon and tie knot between two flags, and then continue it all the way down.
as the days pass the numbers can be removed, revealing the activity underneath OR can be left on and flipped up to look at the activity.
because the numbers are fastened onto the activity with the hook and loop Fastener Tabs they can be rearranged for next year. our activities include parties we have to go to, performances the kids are dancing in, and other events that have a specific date. most likely we will be participating in the same or similar events next year, so i will be able to move the numbers around accordingly.
do you have a countdown with activities? i’d love to see what other people are doing. post them to our facebook page so i can take a look!





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3 thoughts on “christmas countdown…by sarah little

  • sarah

    here is a list of activities…some of them i kept broad, so i could use it over and over

    Decorate cookies
    Candy making night
    Craft night – make plates for cookies & candies
    Deliver cookies
    Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve
    Christmas party
    Church Christmas party
    Service Night – do something kind for someone that we normally wouldn’t think to do…librarians, someone working outside or a late shift
    Watch video of Christ’s birth and make Gingerbread Nativity(found that idea on Pinterest)
    Watch Christmas movie with popcorn
    Drive and look at Christmas lights with Hot Chocolate
    Reindeer pancakes for dinner
    Visit Santa
    Write a letter to Santa
    Write a letter to a child at the Children’s Hospital
    Donate Food
    Shopping for gifts and buy one extra for Toys 4 Tots
    Sleep under the Christmas tree
    Putting CHRIST back in CHRISTmas – talking about the symbols of Christmas
    wrap gifts

    put up the Christmas tree & decorations – this one is not on ours because my husband likes to do this right after Thanksgiving at the end of Nov, before Dec has even started

    these are some of the things on my calendar this year