Smashing the Zoo by Jennie Garcia 7

Hi!! This week I am sharing a few pages of my Black Smash Book which I am using for my Smithsonian/Washington DC trips. The first pages are from the Smithsonian National Zoo.

For the strip of paper I used my Stamp Runner Adhesive and for the bird and boy in the bike I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

I used washi tape to put the map in the page, this way I can see it from all angles, I did the same with the panda card so I can read the information behind it. I found this cool page in a Smash Pad and I matted it using the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive. If you click the photo to see it bigger you can see that it says Item and Rank of Coolness and I used it to rate a few of the exhibits in the Zoo.

See?? It opens the whole way.

On the second page I journaled a little about the Panda Exhibit. I also have a photo of the entrance and, the tag from a panda shirt I bought my daughter. For the photos I always use the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive and I also used it for the journaling page and the girl in the car.

To glue the penny I used the Tombow Power Tabs. I used the same hinge technique for the tag on the shirt.

For all the papers and the Spirograph Embellishments I used the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive but for the journaling tag I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue and for the buttons I used the Power Tabs.

For the doily and the embellishments on it I used the mono Multi Liquid Glue. I only glued the butterflies in the center to curve their wings a little. A little tip: Use 3 elements of similar things to draw the eye to the photo.  I made a pocket with the doily so I could slip the Report Card from the Invertebrates Exhibition behind it.

Don’t forget to put these in your Smash Book Kit!!

Take Care!!

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