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You Wind Me Up By Jennie Garcia

Every crafter has an Achilles Heel and mine is everything masculine!! As much as I try I always end up adding a touch of super girly like shimmer, sequins, beads or bling. This one has a little of all that. I tried my best but I couldn’t help myself.

 I embossed the glassine bag and then added a little shimmer of mist. Then I put the sequins inside and I sewed it on the the base of the card. I colored the cute robot with Tombow Dual Brush Pens and I used the Foam Tabs to pop him up a bit.

 To put the card together I used the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive and for the sequins outside of the box and gluing the bow twine I used the Mono Aqua Liquid Glue that has a small dispenser at the top for smaller jobs like these and it dries completely clear.

When it comes to crafting what is your Achilles’s Heel?

I hope you enjoyed my post!!

Take Care!!


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Midnight in Paris By Jennie Garcia

Today I have for you a Smash book page inspired in the movie Midnight in Paris. I saw it the other day and I loved it!! How cool would it be to go back to the 20’s and hang with amazingly talented people in Paris?! To glue everything in these pages I used the Mono Dots Adhesive which I mostly use for papers and photos. But your would be surprise of the power of this runner!!

I even used the Mono Adhesive Dots for the Momenta metals!! It works amazingly well is you apply enough adhesive!! They come kind of a foam dot but I am avoiding bulk in my Smash Book since my green Smash Book won’t close. The film strip and the tickets are stamps from Tim Holtz.

The paper with the 20’s girls is from Graphic 45 and is  called “Bathing Beauties” and The Paris Journaling Tags are from 7 Gypsies. I stamped on the journaling tag with a Tim Holtz Stamp.

**Spoil Alert** This journaling is about stuff that happens in the movie.

The star of the show!! The Mono Adhesive Dots Permanent!!

I hope you enjoyed this little Midnight Stroll!!

Take Care!!

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It’s The Tombow Olympics!! By Jennie Garcia August 9

This week we are having the Tombow Games!! I’m a bad athlete but if there was a competition for fussy cutting I would totally get a medal!! You can win too!! All you need to do is participate in this week’s challenges. Each of us is showcasing a product and all you need to do is a project of your choice using that product.

For my project I made a card inspired in an award ribbon. To put all the layers together I used the Mono Adhesive Dots.

My style is kinda cutesy but I wanted to use an athletic image so I chose this stamp from Peachy Keen Stamps. To color her I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and to give her an extra pop to her and the sentiment I used Tombow Foam Tabs. To paper piece her dress I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue which is the product you need to use for my challenge.

Easy right?? All you need to do is a Gold Medal worthy project using the Mono Multi Liquid Glue!!

Are you ready to join the games!!

Take Care!!

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Smashing The Zoo Post #2 By Jennie Garcia

Today I have another Smash Book Zoo Share. If you want to see Post #1 go HERE

A better look at the first page and the journaling.

I used washi tape to make a flap with the animal card so I could journal under the card.

In this second page I used the MonoAdhesive Permanent Dots to make a pocket so I could slip some journaling cards inside.

I used the cards to list our favorite exhibits.

For the lions photo I made a little flap mini using the washi tape.

I journaled underneath the lions photos. Sometimes washis are not that sticky and my trick is to use the Mono Adhesive Permanent Dots to keep them in their place.

For the chipboard die cuts I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

Inside the bag there are some cards and the shopping bag of the zoo which I thought it was really cute because it had an elephant. I used Tombow Power Tabs to keep the bags in it’s place but for the journaling card on top I used washi tape so I could open the bag.

Do you like the new look of the Mono Adhesive Dots??

Take Care!!

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Rose DoodleDab by Marie Browning

June is for Roses! So here is the Rose DoodleDab for you to create with Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens. They are a great way to add a beautiful embellishment to a card, a gift tag or the front of an envelope. I love to use them to embellish stamped images or Dual Brush Pen lettering.

Follow these steps to create a Rose DoodleDab using the following colors: 703 Pink Rose, 725 Rhodamine Red,  195 Light Green,  346 Sea Green

1. Make a two-toned oval stroke for the rose and two-toned teardrop strokes for the rosebuds using the brush tip. Want to watch how to make these strokes? Click here for a YouTube video of me creating the Rose DoodleDab.

2. With the fine tip, add a small circle under each blossom.

3. Add the stems using the fine tip. Using the brush tip, add two-toned leaves. Finally, add the ‘aphids’ (curly dots!) with the fine tip.

Here is sampling of Rose DoodleDab variations

Samples of Rose DoodleDabs embellishing a stamped image and Dual Brush Pen lettering. Join me next Monday for a beautiful Birdcage Crystal Mobile.

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Peace and Sea Canvas Corp Projects!! By Jennie Garcia

This week we have the opportunity to play with some Canvas Corp Products!! They are such a great match to Tombow Products!! For the first one I used one of their 4×6 Canvas which I covered with Mono Multi Liquid to glue two types of patterned paper.

Out For Publication, don’t worry it will back soon :0)

Then with Tombow Foam Tabs I used this bird which is a die cut that I put together using the Mono Multi Liquid Glue. Since it has many fine lines I used the fine tip side. I also used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue to glue the Canvas Corp clothespins and the pennant.

I also got these canvas pennants and I stamped with green and then stamped again in black just to give it a little shadow. I inked the edges with green and then I doodled some lines with a Dual Brush Pen.

Those pennants better watch out because now I want to use them everywhere.

We received a lot of stuff so I wanted to make a second project. I altered this paper lunch bag using the cool paper they sent us.

So mat the Navy Paper from the Ivory Basics Collection I used white cardstock and, the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive.

For the flap I used this gorgeous and big Canvas Corp canvas flower, I glued it to the bag with Mono Multi Liquid Glue.  On the center I used their burlap star and with my I Top I made this 28mm brad using their Navy Paper and to place it on top I used Power Tabs. I Inked the edges of the flower and after painting the star white and sewing on it I also inked the edges of the star.

This is such a great idea for masculine gifts.

I hope you are enjoying this blog hop with Canvas Corp as much as we are enjoying their products!! Go to their FB page and tell Canvas Corp that Tombow sent you then let us know on our page at https://www.facebook.com/tombowusa

Take Care!!

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Canvas Corp Storage Jars By Marie Browning

I am loving the products from Canvas Corp this week! The beautiful natural materials such as burlap, cork and canvas are a joy to work with. I just started playing with everything and decided to use the pieces to make storage jars for my art materials, or my ‘Weapons of Mass Creation”. When using natural materials or slick surfaces like glass, gluing items together can be a messy and disappointing venture – but not with Tombow adhesives! Tombow has a glue or tab for every challenging adhesion job!

For the burlap covered jars, I applied the MONO Multi Liquid Glue to the jar. Then wait until it has dried and gone clear, THEN add the burlap strip. This is the trick when using Multi Glue with fabrics. Let the glue dry to a sticky surface, then when you add the fabric it’s an instant bond with no seepage through the fabric.

The button flowers were also made using the MONO Multi Liquid Glue. Apply the glue to the back of the button and let dry clear. Then with your chosen material, finger pleat around to make the flower. Use a Power Tab to attach to your project. The samples show flowers made with Canvas Fringe, Ivory Tissue and a strip of burlap all from Canvas Corp. The tissue flower was aged with my go-to antiquing Dual Brush Pen colors, 992 Sand, 977 Saddle Brown and 899 Redwood.

The tags were great fun to make – I used a variety of papers from Canvas Corp and cut out 2″ x 3″ tags. I then stamped on Corkstock and paper for the art material images. The cork had an adhesive backing, but the burlap was attached using the MONO Multi Liquid Glue. The stamped image, book page and cardstock were attached using the Stamp Runner Permanent Adhesive. For materials such as burlap and canvas, stop them fraying further with a line of MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, it dries with a matte finish that is invisible. I attached some of the stamped images with Foam Tabs and the heavier items such as the pencil stub and button with Power Tabs.

Here is another finished jar showing how I used the flowers, held on securely with a Power Tab.

My studio is going to be a very inspiring place to work in and is going to look awesome! Thanks Canvas Corp for your great products and Tombow for holding them all together!

Go to their FB page and tell Canvas Corp that Tombow sent you then let us know on our page at https://www.facebook.com/tombowusa

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You Got Mail!! Snail Mail!! By Jennie Garcia

Remember the boom of the email?? We would wait for that (1) on the email to get one message. That has changed a LOT!! and now we see the (349) and we are indifferent. However a cool card or letter comes in the mail and it makes you smile the whole day!! Well, I’m here to tell you that Pen Pals are making a comeback!! So I decided to give a few tips to make your mail a little extra special.

I always try my technique on scraps of paper, after I’m happy with the result I go to the envelope or real surface.

This is the image before using the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

On the white lines I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and I tried a few color combinations.

When you pick a color combination you should pick adjacent colors in the color wheel. For example Orange is formed with yellow and red. That is why this combination works.

But you should be careful with opposite colors like Red and Green, Orange and Blue and, Purple and Yellow. The Dual Brush Pen will eventually touch the ink of the stamp and these colors together form brown. If that is what you are looking for Go For It!! But remember to try it in a scrap piece of paper first.

Don’t get bummed if you still get white spaces, it actually looks kind of cool.

Get the back of the envelope too!!

I also made a page using the flowers I tried on my scrap paper. I just cut them out and used some Tombow Foam Tabs to give them a bit of dimension. But first I stamped the lace on the borders and I doodled some lines.

Now that I think about it, this would be a great invitation!!

The awesome part about using Tombow Dual Brush Pens is that it won’t bleed through. Envelopes tend to be a little more thin than cardstock but using my Tombow Dual Brush Pens was no problem, I didn’t have to put anything in the envelope to prevent them from bleeding through the other side. I just LOVE my Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

I made this test on a piece of cardstock, you can imagine how this could bleed through the envelopes.

I even decorated a shipping tag. You see pretty but, simple. Pretty Simple :0)

But you can always jazz it up a little!!

Mail ON!!

Take Care!!

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A Smashing Post by Jennie Garcia

Have you caught the Smash Book Fever?? Well I’ve had it for a while and is incredibly fun. I wanted to share a few pages that I made. I don’t really follow a theme I just put things that make me happy.

My Smash Book’s Best Friend is the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive. I mostly use magazine pages and this adhesive doesn’t wrinkle the pages and is pretty small so you can have it in your bag or purse. Some people have like a Smash Travel Kit and I think that in this kit you should include the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive, Mono Multi Liquid Glue and the Mono Glue Stick.

Most of these things are from my college years including my student card and my train card :0)

The Smash Book tabs have only one sticky side and I don’t fully trust so I use the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive.

For the Epiphany Crafts Embellishments I use my Mono Multi Liquid Glue. I used a lot of washi tape and rub ons.

I made this page because I am getting very serious about my health and losing weight :0)

This page is about the places I want to go :0) The arrows are stamps that I colored with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

The little envelope on the corner I made it with my Cricut and to put it together I used the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive, to keep the Twine in its place I used the Mono Aqua Liquid Glue. The cute angel stamp I colored it with the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

For this Earth Friendly Page I made two tags on my cricut and I put them together with the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive. For the little punched pink  flowers  I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue which has a broad tip for big spaces and small tip for small things like these. It also doesn’t clog, which is the best thing for me :0)

Do you have Tombow on your Smash Kit??!!

Take Care!!

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Sweet Stamped Tags By Jennie Garcia

This week we got to play with Sweet Stamp Shop. I got this cute Bubblegum Machine  and i wanted to do some playful tags.

The base of all the tags are normal shipping tags and the first thing I did was color the hole back with the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and then I added an eyelet. They all have Trendy Twine. I stamped the Bubblegum Machines on book pages and I LOVE how they turned out. To color them I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pens. On this first tag I used washi tape on the bottom, doodled a little bit and then stamped a sentiment from Peachy Keen Stamps. On top of that I added a tag in which I added the black lines to coordinate it a bit more with the image. The photo corners are raw chipboard that I colored with a black Dual Brush Pen.

For the heart in the center i glued a lot of “Bubblegums” together and then I punched with my Epiphany Crafts Tool and added this shiny heart. I LOVE how it turned out.

In the second one I stamped this sentiment from Joy’s Life. I used half of a doily and on top I added washi tape. To glue my doily and stamped image I used my Runner Dot Adhesive. For my Epiphany Crafts accents like the stars I used the Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

In this last one I amde a little banner and on the bottom I used another stamp from Joy’s Life. I painted the scalloped oval with white paint and on the back I added a piece of patterned paper. I outlined the oval and the inside to make it pop.

I hope you liked these playful tags!!

Take Care!!

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