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i have read this book so many times… to my kids, to my pre-kindergarten class… children need to know they are loved, and this book gives so many wonderful examples of personalities, quirks and traits that parents love about their children. each time i read it I knew that i […]

you are my i love you…by sarah little

I enjoyed this challenge; it reminded me of my love of Fairy Tales so I created my own little story booklet. Some lucky little child will receive this and enjoy many hours of bedtime stories  from their family! I love the new ‘Once upon a Springtime’ paper collection from Graphic […]

“Once Upon a Time…” By Marie Browning

September 11, 2011 is Grandparent’s Day this year. It all sounded so official in 1979, with words and phrases like “whereof”‘ and “hereunto” and “joint resolution.” But when President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation  creating a National Grandparents Day, little did anyone know how it would grow. At the time, […]

“Enjoy Your Day” by Debbie Fisher